Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Vision Protection

Your vision is essential and, while it performs admirably in most people’s lives until age-related limitations arrive, it can be damaged very easily too. While we all need the sun for Vitamin D and general health and to feel good emotionally, the same light source creates UV rays that can be harmful to our eyes. Too much UV ray exposure can also result in permanent damage as well. One of the best prevention tools that exist remains sunglasses, but not every pair of sunglasses does the job correctly. That’s why we at Dr. Regine Smet are here to help.

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It’s Easy to Get Sunglasses & Harder to Find Good Ones

Anyone can find a pair of sunglasses pretty quickly. Cheap versions can be bought at any gas station, and hardware stores usually sell them for $15-$25 for eye protection during outside work. However, if one wants both eye protection and UV ray protection, better quality sunglasses are a must. Cheap sunglasses are made with tinted plastic. It costs little to fabricate and can be seen through, which visually blocks bright light. Good quality sunglasses use far higher quality material to provide clarity in vision that doesn’t degrade easily and protects the eyes from the light rays that get past typical tinting.

Protection Features to Look For

Sunglasses with UV protection specifically address the types of UV rays that people are exposed to regularly. UVA rays are everywhere. They are common with sunlight, and too much ends up triggering aging effects, cataracts, and skin cancer. UVB rays are more intense and concentrated but far rarer in exposure. UVB rays can be exposed in greater amounts during high heat periods like the summer and in the snow, reflecting light off its surface. While not usually noticed immediately, UV eye damage accumulates over the years, especially for folks outdoors a lot. Glasses designed with UV protection are manufactured with key filters to block these rays from getting through.

Contact Our Optometry Team for Vision Care from Our Eye Doctors in Cypress

As an optometry expert for both glasses and contact lenses, Dr. Regine Smet O.D. can provide expert guidance at our Cypress location on finding the right sunglasses for the kind of outdoor exposure and activity a customer will need help with. Instead of just settling for whatever might be at a non-vision store, like a big-box warehouse venue, folks in Cypress can get specific help and sufficient eye protection from UV rays at our eye doctor office in Cypress. Don’t chance your eyes to inadequate vision equipment. Get protected from the start and keep your eyes working correctly for years to come.